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[DBHS] The Identities of Three More Mayakashi Synchros

The official website updated with incredibly low resolution pictures of three other members of the Mayakashi order.



Due to the low quality, we can’t give any notes on ATK, DEF, or effects.

However, we think we have their names but due to the low quality, we can’t 100% confirm

轍の魔妖-朧車 Wadachi no Mayakashi – Oboroguruma (Rickshaw Mayakashi – Oboroguruma)
毒の魔妖-土蜘蛛 Doku no Mayakashi – Tsuchigumo (Poison Mayakashi – Tsuchigumo)
翼の魔妖-天狗 Tsubasa no Mayakashi – Tengu (Winged Mayakashi – Tengu)



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