[Duel Links] Quality of Life Updates (March 28th 2018)

The more technical ended stuff.

Cards removed from the Card Trader have been readded.

Cards that have been available at the Card Trader for a certain period of time can be purchase at any time. (However it seems to be locked to one card per stock period of 8 hours)

Cards can be upgraded to foil at any time.

Colored Gate Keys can be exchanged up to 10 times per color per stock period.

Cards added within the past 2 weeks have the NEW icon

Cards that may be added in the near future can be viewed.

PVP now allows surrenders during the opponent’s turn and an icon to show signal issues on your opponent’s end.

YOu can now set your Deck and Mat in the Deck Editor.

Regular Inventory List:


Black Luster Solider – Sacred Spldier
Vanguard of the Dragon
Delta the Magnet Warrior
Guardian Angel Joan
Airknight Parshath
Twinbarrel Dragon
Big Shield Gardna
Embodiment of Apophis
Red-Eyes B. Dragon


Doom Shaman
Bountiful Artemis
Serene Psychic Witch
Mausoleum of the Emperor
A Legendary Ocean
Ocean Dragon Lord – Neo-Daedalus
Overdrive Teleporter
Chaos Command Magician
Invader of Darkness
Chaos Necromancer
Hammer Shark
The Earth – Hex-Sealed Fusion
Totem Dragon
Gravity Behemoth
Swarm of Locusts
Cestus of Dagla
Blazewing Butterfly
Gemini Scorpion
Woodland Archer
Legendary Flame Lord
Toon Summoned Skull
Gravekeeper’s Oracle
Pot of Dichotomy
Dragon’s Gunfire
Bad Reaction to Simochi
Bazoo the Soul-Eater
Blue Dragon Summoner
Card Trader
Flash Assailant
Mythical Beast Cerberus
Obnoxious Celtic Guard
Sword of Dark Rites
Thunder Dragon
Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon
Wonder Wand

Magic Deflector
Where Arf Thou?
A/D Changer
Beginning of Heaven and Earth
Deep Sweeper
Inferno Tempest
Hazy Flame Sphynx
Magna-Slash Dragon
Eco, Mystical Spirit of the Forest
Super Soldier Synthesis
Doomdog Octhros
Lucky Iron Axe
Magical Mallet
Mirage Dragon
Lifeforce Harmonizer
Scroll of Bewitchment
Delg the Dark Monarch
Arsenal Bug
Victory Viper XX03
Gemini Soldier
Goggle Golem
Infinity Dark
Lucky Pied Piper
Magical Reflect Slime
Gravekeeper’s Spear Soldier
Tenkabito Shien
Amazoness Spellcaster
Elf’s Light
Gate Guardian
Spider Egg
Cure Mermaid
Blackland Fire Dragon
Burning Beast
Darklord Marie
Freezing Beast
Goddess of Whim
Guardian Statue
Gust Fan
Jar of Greed
Murmur of the Forest
Silver Bow and Arrow
Spirit Caller
The Immortal of Thunder
Tornado Bird
Trap Master
Tribute Doll
Type Zero Magic Crusher

Power Capsule
Gemini Counter
Super Double Summon
Incandescent Ordeal
Delta Attacker
Magic Reflector
Ritual Foregone
Two-Pronged Attack
Blade Rabbit
Celestial Transformation
Centrifugal Field
D.D. Trap Hole
Damage Translation
Disc Fighter
Energy-Absorbing Monolith
Labyrinth of Nightmare
Lady Ninja Yae
Magicians Unite
Mucus Yolk
Over Limit
Reaper of the Cards
Riryoku Field
Royal Knight
Soul Reversal
Trap of Board Eraser

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