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[OCG] Cardobing: Structure Deck “Kikouryuu Shuurai” Special Feature

A Pre-Constructed Deck has appeared that super evolves the “Cyber Style” way of Dueling!

On December 7th, 2013 the Structure Deck -Kikouryuu Shuurai- goes on sale. Based around Machine-Type monsters, specifically “Cyber Dragon”, it now gives the Cyber Style Deck access to Xyz Monsters along with its already attractive group of Fusion Monsters!

To help support this new style is the new Xyz Monster “Cyber Dragon Nova”… … …
It’s armed with an effect that Special Summons a “Cyber Dragon” from the Graveyard, another effect that you can use on either turn to make its Attack jump through the roof, and its third effect can Special Summon a Machine-Type Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck if “Cyber Dragon Nova” is sent to the Graveyard by an opponent’s card effect!

Cyber Dragon Nova
(Rank 5 ATK 2100/DEF 1600)
You can Xyz Summon this card with 2 Level 5 Machine-Type Monsters! Once per turn, by detaching an Xyz Material, this card can revive a “Cyber Dragon” from the Graveyard! Also, once per turn, during either player’s turn, you can banish 1 “Cyber Dragon” from your hand or side of the field to have this card gain 2100 Attack. You can combine these two effects, using the first to Special Summon “Cyber Dragon” and then use the second effect to limit your opponent’s options! Using these effects, there are less chances for your opponents to win through battle, but the catch is, if your opponent sends this card to the Graveyard by an effect, you can use this card’s effect to Special Summon 1 Machine-Type Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck!! Even if it’s destroyed by an opponent’s effect when they can’t win by battle, when it’s sent to the Graveyard, you can Special Summon even stronger trump cards like “Cyber Twin Dragon” and “Cyber End Dragon”!

Check Out These Other New Cards!
There’s two new monsters, both Light Attribute Machine-Types whose names are treated as “Cyber Dragon” while on the field or in the Graveyard! There’s also two new Spell/Trap Cards that centers on “Cyber Dragon” to activate their effects as well as setting up for Fusion Summons!

Cyber Dragon Core
(Level 2 ATK 400/DEF 1500)
When this card is Normal Summoned, you can activate its effect to add 1 “Cyber” Spell or Trap Card from your Deck to your hand! That includes the new Spell and Trap Card introduced later! Also, if you control no monsters and your opponent controls at least 1 monster, you can banish this card from the Graveyard to Special Summon a “Cyber Dragon” monster from your Deck! Since you can only use one of “Cyber Dragon Core”‘s effects per turn, fight while planning to use which effect to use this turn!

Cyber Dragon Drei
(Level 4 ATK 1800/DEF 800)
When this card is Normal Summoned, you can make all the “Cyber Dragons” you control into Level 5 monsters! By using this card and the above mentioned “Core” and making them Level 5, you can easily support Xyz Summoning “Cyber Dragon Nova”! But be aware you can only Special Summon Machine-Type monsters during the turn you use this effect! And if this card is banished, you can pick a “Cyber Dragon” you control and make impossible to destroy by battle or card effects this turn!

Cyber Repair Plant
(Normal Spell Card)
A Normal Spell Card, it has one effect that adds a LIGHT Machine-Type monster from your Deck to your hand, and another that returns a LIGHT Machine-Type monster in your Graveyard to your Deck. You need a “Cyber Dragon” in your Graveyard to activate one of these effects, but if you have 3 or more “Cyber Dragons” in your Graveyard, you can activate both effects! The clockwork movement of using “Cyber Dragon Core” to grab this card and using this card to grab “Cyber Dragon Core” is incredible!

Cyber Network
(Continuous Trap Card)
During your Third Standby Phase after activation, this card is destroyed! When this card on the field is sent to the Graveyard, you Special Summon as many of your banished LIGHT Machine-Type monsters as possible and then destroy all of your Spell and Trap Cards. If “Cyber Dragon” is on the field, once per turn, you can banish a LIGHT Machine-Type monster from your Deck! (Monsters Special Summoned by this card’s effect cannot activate their effects, and the turn you use that effect, you cannot conduct your Battle Phase)

How To Use This Deck – A Playing Image Centered Around The New Cards
“Structure Deck -Kikouryuu Shuurai” is centered around Cyber Dragon, which can Special Summon itself from the hand, while using the new Xyz Monster “Cyber Dragon Nova” and the classic Fusion Monster “Cyber Twin Dragon” as its two Trump Cards.
Start off with bringing out “Cyber Dragon”, then bring out “Cyber Dragon Core” and “Cyber Dragon Drei”. Prepare for your winning move using “Cyber Repair Plant” and “Cyber Network”, and then Special Summon your Trump Card!

Check out Structure Deck -Kikouryuu Shuurai-‘s Product Page for more about these new cards and further product information!


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