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Keiji Tanaka Interview

From V Jump. Only a portion was photographed but I think people might enjoy this.

… … Last year, at a Figure Skating Event, after performing, you received “LINK VRAINS BOX” as a present?


Yes. The truth is, it was something I requested when an acquaintance asked me “Is there something you would like?”. As the product went on sale the day of my event. I realized it before picking it up. (Laugh)

What was the reaction like afterwards?


Twitter went into a frenzy about it. (Laugh) Up until now I’ve had “Hobby: Card Games” written on my profile, but when they saw the “Official Card Game” product, everyone realized I was a Duelist. I tried to hide it, but now everyone knows. (Laugh)



Tanaka-san’s Love for “Destiny HERO”es!!

What kind of Deck are you using currently?

I made a Deck based on the “Destiny HERO” cards I saw in the “Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V” anime. The way Edo would bring out his monsters speaking English here and there, was really kinda cool to me. And among them was “Dystopia”, who’s my favorite card.

Not only can it inflict damage to the opponent, but there’s just something tricky about it that just makes me go “I wanna make the most out of this tricky, complicated card!”, a thought that kept passing through my head as I made my Deck. The Deck’s Extra Deck also includes “Dusktopia”, but it isn’t the Rare foil version from Japan, but the international version that’s in Secrer Rare foil. And frankly, I just love to Fusion Summon.

The pose characters would do putting their hands together when they Fusion Summoned in the “ARC-V” anime, is something I do when Dueling against Shoma.

I also have several Decks which I continue to fiddle with, including “Tellarknight”, “Buster Blader”, “Elementsaber”, “Predaplant + Darklord” and “Magical Musket”.


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