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Iustia’s Flavor Text

You like cryptic and frightening text? Good! We’re going to bring you plenty.


The World Key sheds tears that do not flow, as destiny is fulfilled.
The Gates of the Divine bray and crumble, as the serpent devours the dream of the protector(s).
One soul lies in the place where all began, the other lies where all shall end.
— Here, this star, this world, this divine prison, shall be unlocked.

Much thanks to Setzen of Yugipedia for managing to help transcribe this. Translation is by Ark and Decchan.

While the official Twitter notes:

「星遺物」より生まれし竜―。 世界の行く末を占う戦いもついに終極へと向かう…。

“The dragon(s) born of the “World Legacy”. The battle over the fate of the world finally reaches its climax… …”



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