[SDCB-TCG] Full Setlist Revealed

The full setlist for Structure Deck: Legend of the Crystal Beasts has been revealed, curtosy of Yugitubers!

SDCB-EN001 Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle
SDCB-EN002 Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat
SDCB-EN003 Crystal Beast Emerald Tortoise
SDCB-EN004 Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger
SDCB-EN005 Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth
SDCB-EN006 Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle
SDCB-EN007 Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus
SDCB-EN008 Rainbow Dark Dragon
SDCB-EN009 Crystal Master
SDCB-EN010 Crystal Keeper
SDCB-EN011 Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder
SDCB-EN012 Dimension Shifter
SDCB-EN013 Contact “C”
SDCB-EN014 Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring
SDCB-EN015 Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion
SDCB-EN016 Awakening of the Crystal Ultimates (New)
SDCB-EN017 Crystal Aegis (New)
SDCB-EN018 Ancient City – Rainbow Ruins
SDCB-EN019 Rainbow Bridge
SDCB-EN020 Crystal Beacon
SDCB-EN021 Crystal Blessing
SDCB-EN022 Crystal Abundance
SDCB-EN023 Crystal Promise
SDCB-EN024 Crystal Tree
SDCB-EN025 Crystal Release
SDCB-EN026 Rare Value
SDCB-EN027 Rainbow Refraction
SDCB-EN028 Advanced Dark
SDCB-EN029 The Melody of Awakening Dragon
SDCB-EN030 Foolish Burial Goods
SDCB-EN031 Cosmic Cyclone
SDCB-EN032 Crystal Boon (New)
SDCB-EN033 Crystal Miracle (New)
SDCB-EN034 Crystal Brilliance (New)
SDCB-EN035 Crystal Pair
SDCB-EN036 Crystal Conclave
SDCB-EN037 Ultimate Crystal Magic
SDCB-EN038 Counter Gem
SDCB-EN039 Ferret Flames
SDCB-EN040 Metaverse
SDCB-EN041 Rainbow Dragon
SDCB-EN042 Ultimate Crystal Rainbow Dragon Overdrive (New)
SDCB-EN043 Rainbow Over Dragon
SDCB-EN044 Crystal Beast Rainbow Dragon
SDCB-EN045 Crystal Bond
SDCB-EN046 Rainbow Bridge of the Heart (New)
SDCB-EN047 Jesse Anderson – Bonder with the Crystal Beasts (New)
SDCB-EN048 Jesse and Ruby – Unleashing the Legend (New)
SDCB-EN049 Crystal Beast Token (New)



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