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[Duel Links] Upcoming Updates for October

A lot of exciting events coming!

[Early October]

  • Swing into action! Pendulum Summon challenge!
  • Summon as many Monsters as you can! Get rewards according to the numbers of Pendulum/Xyz/Synchro/Fusion Summons of all duelists!

  • D.D. Castle: Supreme King Rises!
  • Aim for the top, overpowering any formidable enemies that may stand in your way in Wave Duels!
  • Unlock Supreme King Jaden as well as new reward cards such as UR “Supreme King’s Castle”!
  • “You brought this upon yourself! Learn the way of darkness!”

[Mid October]

  • Tour Guide’s Mission Bingo
  • Complete Tour Guide’s Mission Bingo to get awesome rewards such as Gems and the new SR card “Fairy King Albverdich”!

  • Turbo Duel Grand Prix
  • A PvP Event featuring Turbo Duels is here! Win Turbo Duels to get rewards!

  • Event Exclusive Legendary Duelists are coming to the Gate!
  • Both new players and players who missed out on unlocking event-exclusive Legendary Duelists before will now be able to challenge and unlock them at the Gate!
  • The Duelist added to the Gate is Duke Devlin! This is your chance to obtain the Skill “Summoning Crest” for Duelists who have not already obtained it!

[Late October]

  • Obtain a new Legendary Duelist
  • Obtain a certain character!
  • Collect event-exclusive items to challenge the event character!
  • “You’ll learn that my power transcends dimensions!”

  • Mission Circuit underway!
  • Complete missions to race around the ciruit! Get rewards such as the SR card “Big-Tusked Mammoth” and Gems!

  • The Tag Duel Tournament is coming
  • Win Tag Duels to obtain lottery coins and draw from the lottery!
  • Proceed through the event and draw from the lottery to get rewards such as Gems and cards!

  • Duel Quest
  • Advance through the dungeon by Dueling to obtain rewards such as the SR card “Equip Shot” and Gems! Secret floors are also available! Find them to get more rewards!

And that’s all that listed for this october. Enjoy playing!

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