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[DABL – TCG] Bystial

Mostly just confirming names and some rarities

DABL-EN006 Bystial Magnamhut
DABL-EN007 Bystial Saronir
DABL-EN008 Bystial Druiswurm
DABL-EN009 The Bystial Lubellion – Secret Rare
DABL-EN010 The Bystial Alba Los – Ultra Rare
DABL-EN011 Blazing Cartesia, The Virtuous – Secret Rare
DABL-EN053 Branded Regained
DABL-EN073 Branded Beast

Disclaimer: The proxies in the above video have no set number, and are technically speculative. Normally the worldwide release of a set retains the OCG set numbers for cards 001 through 080. However it’s always possible that this can change for other parts of the world, for no explicit reason.

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