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[BOSH] European TCG Sales Blurp

More fuel for the fire.

· Like with Black Luster Solider, BOSH contains a new, revamped theme of an iconic classic Monster, Buster Blader.
· New cards for the Kozmo theme, a world premier theme introduced in CORE that have been extremely popular and have already seen High level tournament success.
· Includes extremely powerful cards from the OCG that were not previously released in the TCG, including a card that has been heavily played in many tournament decks in the OCG.

– 100 card booster set, all cards are new and will be released in Europe for the first time
– 9 cards per booster, 24 booster per display, 12 displays per case
– new rarity configuration
– boosters are released as first edition
– SRP 3.99 EUR



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