[TCG] News From North American WCQ 2018

Names of a theme to help Rituals, along with a 2018 Mega Tin Card.

One of the Tin reprints this year is MP18-EN065 Topologic Bomber Dragon (Secret Rare)

The official stream has also mentioned a theme to help Rituals called “Impcantations”. It wouldn’t be impossible that is the TCG name for the theme we called “Devirituals” but we can’t confirm that at the moment.

MP18-EN070 Gouki Re-Match (Super Rare)

MP18-EN194 Overtex Qoatlus (Super Rare)

Another 2018 Judge Playmat is “Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion”

MP18-EN037 Trickstar Candina (Ultra Rare)

Ningirsu the World Chalice Warrior (Secret Rare)

MP18-EN131 Borreload Dragon (Secret Rare)

Also Firewall Dragon’s being reprinted! (MP18-EN062, Secret Rare)

MP18-EN039 Gouki Suprex (Rare)

MP18-EN038 Gouki Twistcobra (Super Rare)

MP18-EN143 Overdone Burial (Secret Rare)

MP18-EN229 Heavymetalfoes Electrumite (Secret Rare)

MP18-EN185 Mythical Beast Master Cerberus (Secret Rare)

Also the new Attribute Links are apparently “Wee Witch’s Apprentice” and “Hip Hoshiningen”!

We’ll bring you more news as it becomes available from Fort Worth!

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