[Duel Links] Bingo Missions (Sept 2019)

Win cards such as “Noble Knight’s Spearholder” and Coins, Jewels, Gems, etc.

Available until September 25.

How to Play

Complete missions to fill out your bingo sheet and obtain Rewards.

New Sheets Added 

Sheet #2 – September 20

Sheet #3 – September 22

Recommended Event Rewards 

Obtained with bingo 

“Noble Knight’s Spearholder” [SR]

“Fossil Tusker” [SR]

“Battleguard Rage” [SR]

“Beastking of the Swamps” [R]

“Saber Beetle” [R]

Obtained by sheet completion

*You must be at Stage 5 (DM) or higher to participate in this event.

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