[Duel Links] Bingo Missions August 2019

Win cards such as “Noble Knight’s Shield-Bearer” and Coins, Gems, Jewels, etc.

Available until August 9.

How to Play

Complete missions to fill out your bingo sheet and obtain Rewards.

New Sheets Added 

Sheet #2 – August 2

Sheet #3 – August 4

Sheet #4 – August 6

Recommended Event Rewards 

Obtained with bingo 

“Noble Knight’s Shield-Bearer” [SR]

“Horn of the Unicorn” [SR]

“Golden Homunculus” [SR]

“Getsu Fuhma” [R]

“Pyramid Energy” [R]

Obtained by sheet completion 

*You must be at Stage 5 (DM) or higher to participate in this event.


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