Splight Support [DABL]

Obey Your Thirst.

DABL-JP048 Splight Sprind
Link 2 FIRE Thunder Link Effect Monster
ATK 1400
Links: Bottom Left, Top Right
2 monsters, including a Level/Rank/Link-2 monster
You can only use 1 of the 1st and 2nd effect of this card’s name per turn, and only once that turn. Cannot be used as Link Material the turn it was Link Summoned.
(1) If this card is Link Summoned: You can send 1 Level 2 monster from your Deck to the GY.
(2) If another monster(s) is Special Summoned while this monster is on the field: You can detach 1 material from your Xyz Monster, then target 1 monster on the field; return it to the hand.

DABL-JP074 Splight Double Cross
Normal Trap
You can only activate 1 card with this card’s name per turn.
(1) Target 1 monster on the field or in the GY to activate 1 of these effects;
● Attach it to your Rank 2 monster as material.
● If your opponent controls it, place it in your zone your Link-2 monster points to and take control of it.
● If it is in the GY, Special Summon it to your zone your Link-2 monster points to.


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