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FLOD Rarities pt2

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Secret Rare
Topologic Trisbaena
[Knightmare Iblee]
[Vampire Sucker]

Trickstar Delfiendium
[Knightmare Mermaid]
[Pint-sized Priest Hidaruma]
[Light of Sekka]
Revendread Executioner
Vendread Anima
F.A. Dawn Dragster

Kai-Den Kendo Spirit
Gouki Hugbear
Trickstar Bloom
Altergeist Kidolga
[World Legacy End]
Vendread Evolution
Vendread Nightmare
Vendread Daybreak
[Inzektor Picofarena]
[Fresh Madolche Sistart]
[Shaddoll Construct]

Kai-Den Kendo Spirit
ATK 2400/DEF 1000

Pendulum Effect
If a monster(s) is Pendulum Summoned: Return this card from the Pendulum Zone to the hand.

Monster Effect
When this card is Normal Summoned: You can choose 1 card in your Pendulum Zone, and send to the Graveyard all cards your opponent controls in the same column as that card. Once per turn, during the End Phase, if this card was Normal Summoned or flipped face-up this turn: Return this card to the hand.



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