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[WPP3] Beetroopers

Do not eat the bugs.

The TCG premiere theme, Beetroopers, will be arriving at the OCG via the World Premiere Pack 2022. The forced reading is still “Beetrooper”, but its written in Kanji as 騎甲虫. Individually, these read as “knight” + “armor” + “insect”. The first two seem to be a pun on 騎行 (kikou) which means “horseback riding”, and the last two for the word for “Beetle”, similar to the Inzektor theme (roughly “beetle-themed machines”).

WPP3-JP001 騎甲虫スカウト・バギー (Beetrooper Scout Buggy)

WPP3-JP002  騎甲虫スケイル・ボム (Beetrooper Scale Bomb) (TCG: Beetrooper Scale Bomber)

WPP3-JP003 騎甲虫アサルト・ローラー (Beetrooper Assault Roller)

WPP3-JP004 騎甲虫ライト・フラッパー (Beetrooper Light Flapper)

WPP3-JP005  騎甲虫スティンギー・ランス (Beetrooper Stingy Lance) (TCG: Beetrooper Sting Lancer)

WPP3-JP006 重騎甲虫マイティ・ネプチューン (Heavy Beetrooper Mighty Neptune) (adds the prefix “重” for “heavy” cavalry, but it’s still force-read as “Beetrooper Mighty Neptune”)

WPP3-JP007 超騎甲虫アブソリュート・ヘラクレス (Ultra Beetrooper Absolute Hercules) (adds the prefix “超” for “ultra”, but it’s still force-read as “Beetrooper Absolute Heracles”)

WPP3-JP008 騎甲虫アームド・ホーン (Beetrooper Armed Horn) (TCG: Beetrooper Armor Horn)

WPP3-JP009 大騎甲虫インヴィジブル・アトラス (Giant Beetrooper Invincible Atlas) (adds the prefix “大” for “large/giant”, but it’s still force-read as “Beetrooper Invincible Atlas”)

WPP3-JP010 騎甲虫隊戦術機動 (Beetrooper Formation) (written as “Beetrooper Company Military Strategic Maneuvers”)

WPP3-JP011 騎甲虫隊降下作戦 (Beetrooper Descent) (written as “Beetrooper Company Descending Strategy”)

WPP3-JP012 騎甲虫隊上陸態勢 (Beetrooper Landing) (written as “Beetrooper Company Landing Preparations”)

WPP3-JP013 騎甲虫空殺舞隊 (Beetrooper Float Sting) (written as “Beetrooper Aerial Kill Floatroops”) (TCG: Beetrooper Fly & Sting)

WPP3-JP014 騎甲虫歩兵分隊 (Beetrooper Squad) (written as “Beetrooper Infantry Team”)


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