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[Deck Recipe] “Rank-Up-Magic The Seventh One”

The Instructors come out with a new Deck Recipe based on the 7th highest ranking choice of the Card Illustration poll: “Rank-Up-Magic The Seventh One”!

“Rank-Up-Magic The Seventh One” Deck

[Deck Description]
A Fish centric Deck which includes “Rank-Uo-Magic The Seventh One”.

With the effect of “Xyz Remora” and the like to increase the number of WATER monsters on the field, allowing you to Link Summon “Mistar Boy” to the Extra Monster Zone, and then you’ll be able to Xyz Summon “Bahamut Shark” to one of the Main Monster Zones its points to.

And by activating the effect of “Bahamut Shark”, you’ll be able to Special Summon “Number 71: Rebarian Shark” whose effect can place a “Rank-Up-Magic” Spell Card in your Deck on the top of your Deck if it’s sent to the GY.

Elsewise, you can discard “Rank-Up-Magic” Normal Spell Cards in your hand to Xyz Summon “Number S0: Utopic ZEXAL” by placing it on top of a “Utopia” monster, and to back up the strategy, use cards like “Xyz Change Tactics” and “Halfway to Forever”.

By the way, “Generation Force” can add cards like “Xyz Remora” or “Xyz Change Tactics” from your Deck to the hand depending on the situation.

3 Xyz Remora
3 White Stingray
3 Double Fin Shark
3 Silent Angler
1 Tribe-Infecting Virus
3 Amazon of the Seas

3 Rank-Up-Magic The Seventh One
3 Unexpected Dai
3 Instant Fusion
3 Salvage
3 Generation Force
2 Pot of Avarice
1 Xyz Change Tactics

3 Halfway to Forever
3 Fish Depth Charge

2 Rare Fish
1 Mistar Boy
1 Decode Talker
1 Number 71: Rebarian Shark
1 Bahamut Shark
1 Number 101: Silent Honor ARK
1 Number C101: Silent Honor ARK
1 Number 37: Hope Woven Dragon Spider Shark
2 Number 39: Utopia
1 Number S39: Utopia Prime
1 Number S39: Utopia the Lightning
2 Number S0: Utopic ZEXAL


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