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[VRAINS] Band for Next Ending Announced

Not the song yet. But the band is confirmed.

The band, “BAND-MAID” will be doing the new ending song for “Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS”

Comment from Gobato Miku (The Guitar & Vocals)
We’re super happy to have been chosen to do the new “Yu-Gi-Oh!” ending theme! Since I’ve always been a fan of reading Jump since I was a little girl, I’m thrilled to have the chance to work on a Jump property like this!
I hope good sirs and madams* across the globe will listen to our music since it’s the world famous “Yu-Gi-Oh!”!

* She’s using a very particular wording that basically refers to “Master” and “Madams”, since she’s talking like a stereotypical cute mansion or cafe maid.

Source: V Jump


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