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[Duel Links] Solemn Odion

Duel event exclusive “Solemn Odion” to obtain cards such as “Granmarg the Mega Monarch”.

Until August 19 2019.

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  • Event Information
  • Recommended Cards
  • Mission List


How to Play 

Challenge against Solemn Odion

For a limited time, an event exclusive version of Odion, Solemn Odion, will appear in Duel World.

Duel him to obtain Event Rewards.

Event Information 

Event Missions 

Duel Solemn Odion to complete Event Missions. 

Regarding the appearance rate

Dueling in Duel World will increase the likelihood of Solemn Odion appearing. The chances of him appearing will increase each time you Duel until he appears.

The chances of Solemn Odion appearing will also be increased by Dueling in Ranked Duels.

*Surrenders do not count.

Recommended Event Rewards 

Recommended Cards

“Granmarg the Mega Monarch” [UR]

“The Prime Monarch” [SR]

Other Recommended Cards 

“The First Monarch” [SR]

“Mythical Beast of Serket” [SR]

“Temple of the Kings” [SR]

“Grave Protector” [SR]

Mission List