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Some FLOD Rarities and one the remainin World Premiers

Are you ready for Friendship?
Secret Rare
[Knightmare Gryphon]
[Union of Super Friends]

Ultra Rare
[Elementsaber Molehu]
[Knightmare Goblin]
[World Legacy Inheritor]
Network Trap Hole

Super Rare
[Trickstar Shakunage]
[Elementsaber Nalu]
[Elementsaber Lapa Uila]
[Elementsaber Willard]
[Forceaurage the Elemental Lord]
[Gouki The Master Ogre]
[Knightmare Cerberus]
[Knightmare Phoenix]
[Wind-Up Maitenance Zenmaicon]
[Bound Link]
[Red Reboot]
[World Legacy Echo]
[Rainbow Refraction]

[Union of Super Friends]
Normal Trap Card
Target 1 face-up monster on the field: Special Summon 1 Monster from your Hand or GY with the same type but a different name. If this card in your Spell/Trap Zone is destroyed by an opponents card effect: You can set 1 “Union of Super Friends” from your deck into your S/T zone.

Please not that these are not official English names, and that the text of “Union of Super Friends” is not official.

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