[Card Lore] The World Legacy

And now, the story everyone’s been waiting for…



File No.1: The Endlessly-Repeating Tale Of The Rise And Fall Of A Certain World (*0)

The boys and girl, who barely eked out an existence in a time of harshness and cruelty, followed the path of destiny across the world, and eventually became embroiled in a great battle that decided the fate of the entire planet… let us introduce the tale of that distant star, where people’s dreams and desires mix, all circling around a ‘Key’ that was left behind by God.

The Creation Myth Passed Down By The Celestial Forest (*1)

In days of long ago, there was a God who governed the movements of the heavens.

That God used the dragons as its vassals,

To fulfill their duty of maintaining the heavens in a cycle of creation and destruction.

However, the power of destruction grew each time it was used,

And eventually, the balance of power between creation and destruction had collapsed.

The power of destruction had become so great,

That if it was let loose, it would have certainly destroyed the very heavens it was created to protect.

God decided it was impossible to govern the heavens by themselves.

Using the power of creation, a cage was forged, made of countless layers of the earthen crust,

And the power of destruction was sealed within.

The power of destruction, having lost its way, burned up, transforming into the planet’s core.

Its energy blended together with the power of creation coursing throughout the land,

And the energy that flowed forth to the surface of the earth,

Giving rise to life, small existences that repeat the cycle of life and death.

God turned the last vestiges of their being into a ‘Key’,

Entrusting it to the life that had sprouted across the earth, and disappeared.

Over the countless years to follow, the power of destruction sometimes manifested itself on the surface,

But each time, those small lives stood side-by-side with the dragons.

In time, the ‘Key’ came to be known as a sword, while the power of destruction came to be known as the ‘Great Darkness’,

And their story was passed down as the gallant epic of the ‘World Hero’.


“Starlight Hero, Raise Your Sword And Gather The Light, You Must Vanquish the Great Darkness”

The World’s Ecosystem

This world was ruled by mechanical lifeforms, with the seven “Mekk-Knights” standing at the top. The insectoid mekkstrosities known as “Krawlers” were a prevalent scourge across the land, and life for people was a constant fight against their threat.

[Krawler Spine]

[Chosen by the World Chalice] (Auram)

A young man who lived in the Celestial Forest


The World Chalice Legend Of The Rise And Fall Of The World – Part 1: Those Guided By Fate

The People Who Lived In The Celestial Forest

There was a hidden village of humans in the great verdant forest known as the ‘Celestial Forest’. This village, which worshipped the God of the Stars, had a sacred staff (*2) used in their rites and customs that had been passed down through countless generations, creating a barrier that protected the village from threats with its power. The successor of the staff at the time was “Ib”, who had an older brother, “Ningirsu”, and together the two of them spent time with their childhood friend, the young boy “Auram”, and the small dragon whelp “Imduk”.

[Crowned by the World Chalice] (Ib)

[Beckoned by the World Chalice] (Ningirsu)

[World Chalice Guardragon] (Imduk)

The ‘World Heroes’ And Their Encounter With The “World Chalice”

“Auram” and “Ningirsu”, seeking a means to reduce the burden of upholding the barrier even a little, spent day and night trying to beat back the “Krawlers”. One day, “Ib” heard a strange and mysterious voice from deep within the forest. Together with her worried friends, “Ib” headed to the source of the echoes.

[World Legacy Discovery]

[World Legacy – “World Chalice”]

“Ib”, who slipped deep into the forest, saw what looked like a massive structure of sorts. Her friends caught up to her, and together they approached the structure, when suddenly the staff of “Ib” emitted a dazzling glow, the massive structure coming to life as if in response to it. A small fairy, “Lee”, appeared before the band, who were startled by the fact the structure was emitting the same kind of light as the staff.

[Lee the World Chalice Fairy]

[World Legacy’s Heart]

“Lee” bore the duty of leading humanity, but she was thwarted by the “Mekk-Knights” and sealed within the “World Legacy – “World Chalice””; she then revealed to “Ib” and her friends that she had been waiting for those who possessed the qualities to become the ‘World Heroes’ who shall protect this world.


Seeking The Other “World Legacies” After Receiving The Power Of The “World Chalice”

“You children are the ‘World Heroes’. Please help me gather the scattered lights of this world and save it from the ‘Great Darkness’.” (*3) Wanting to protect humanity, they accepted the earnest wish of the fairy “Lee”, and thus the children of the Celestial Forest decided to leave their home. The power granted from the “World Chalice” by “Lee” allowed them to overpower the “Krawlers”, which up to then they had barely managed to hold off, but there were also six other “World Legacies” scattered across the world with similar power. Upon hearing that, once gathered, the artifacts would grant them the power to defeat even the “Mekk-Knights”, the villagers finally felt hope.

[World Legacy Landmark]

[Ningirsu the World Chalice Warrior]

[Auram the World Chalice Blademaster]

[Ib the World Chalice Priestess]

[Imduk the World Chalice Dragon]

The party after receiving the power of the “World Legacy”

The Second “World Legacy”

[World Legacy – “World Armor”]

The party then traveled to the wetlands where the next “World Legacy” laid sleeping. What awaited them there, however, was a vast swarm of “Krawlers”, along with the “X-Krawlers” that controlled them. The team divided their forces beneath the silent gaze of the “World Legacy – “World Armor””, and though they found themselves slowly being pushed into a corner, in the end managed to silence a vast number of the insectoid mekkstrosties with the aid of the clever “Lee”.

[World Legacy in Shadow]

-> (The Higher Grade “Krawlers” Appear, Blocking The Way)

[X-Krawler Qualiark]

[World Legacy Clash]

[World Legacy Pawns]

They manage to break through the horde of “Krawlers” and reach the “World Armor”, but…


And Finally, The Seven “Mekk-Knights” Appeared

The party finally arrived at the “World Armor”, having given their all and used their wits to their fullest, but then the “Mekk-Knights”, the rulers of the realm of machines, suddenly appeared, glowing in the seven colors of the rainbow. As “Auram” and the others were stunned by the turn of events, things went from bad to worse: the “Mekk-Knights” ensnared “Ib” in energy that even the barrier abilities of her sacred staff didn’t stand a chance against. Then, they disappeared into thin air with her, leaving “Auram” and the others behind, stunned at what had happened.

[Mekk-Knight Red Moon]

The Seven “Mekk-Knights”

  • Mekk-Knight Red Moon
  • Mekk-Knight Orange Sunrise
  • Mekk-Knight Yellow Star
  • Mekk-Knight Green Horizon
  • Mekk-Knight Blue Sky
  • Mekk-Knight Indigo Eclipse
  • Mekk-Knight Purple Nightfall

[World Legacy Trap Globe]

The “Mekk-Knights” capture “Ib”

In Search Of “Ib”, They Came To A Place With Two “World Legacies”…

[World Legacy – “World Shield”]

[World Legacy – “World Lance”]

After “Ib” and her sacred staff were abducted, “Lee” told the party it would be dangerous to try and collect the other “World Legacies” by themselves. After a long journey and much searching, they arrived at the ruins of a long-lost civilization that the “Mekk-Knights” had made their stronghold. There, the “World Legacies” known as the “World Lance” and “World Shield” were already active.

[World Legacy Scars]

[World Legacy Key]

“Ib” had doubts as to the idea that the “Mekk-Knights” were the embodiment of the ‘Great Darkness’, as they refused to harm her even after they kidnapped her and seized her sacred staff. But then, “Auram” and the others launched a surprise attack on the “Mekk-Knights”.

[Mekk-Knight Spectrum Supreme]

[World Legacy Whispers]

“Auram” and the other heroes launched a fierce ambush attack, throwing everything they had into the fray, but the “Mekk-Knights”, angered and enraged, finally combined as one into “Mekk-Knight Spectrum Supreme”. In the midst of this back-and-forth battle, where even one wrong move could have spelled defeat, “Ningirsu” noticed a chance, and gave a signal to “Lee”. It was the start of a solo operation that “Lee” had proposed.


The Operation Proposed By “Lee”

“Ib” was relieved to see “Lee”, who managed to sneak into the ancient ruins by herself and reach where “Ib” was being held. But then, “Ib” asked “Lee” about the truth of the “Mekk-Knights” and who they really were. 

””Maybe we shouldn’t be fighting against the “Mekk-Knights”.”” 

“Lee” slowly looked back at “Ib” when she said that. Then she flashed a sadistic smile, dropping the adorable facade she had kept since when they had first met, and took on a much more terrifying visage.

[World Legacy’s Secret]

[Knightmare Corruptor Iblee]

“Lee” revealed her true colors as she mentally took control of the body of “Ib”, causing the two to be reborn as “Iblee”. The “Mekk-Knights” were aware that “Lee” had disappeared, but could not afford to deal with her due to being stuck in the midst of battle.

The Power Of “Iblee” And The Heir To “The Power Of The Staff”

The battle between the “Mekk-Knights”, who viewed “Ningirsu” as the strongest threat, and “Auram”, who kept growing stronger, continued. But then, a massive explosion occurred inside the ruins. A torrent of incredible power erupted from the “World Chalice”, greater than any seen before. And then, in the next moment, she suddenly appeared. It was none other than “Ib”. But the power that emanated from her, brimming with evil, was a telltale sign that she was no longer “Ib”. She smiled and told them that she was “Lee”, and that this body now belonged to her. As well, “Iblee” released a wave of energy, forcibly cancelling out the power of the “World Chalice” she had granted to “Auram” and the others. And then she tried to take their lives as well. However, in a twist of fate, the “Mekk-Knights” chose to oppose her.

[World Legacy’s Corruption]

[World Legacy Succession]

The united form of the “Mekk-Knights” was undone as they found they could no longer endure the power of “Iblee”. “Iblee” extracted the cores from most of the “Mekk-Knights” by force, and tried to seize the sacred staff sealed inside the core of “Blue Sky”. As the “Mekk-Knights” knew the sacred staff was actually the ‘Key’ that controlled the fate of the stars and the very planet itself, “Blue Sky” attempted to make “Auram” his heir in this darkest hour. “Auram” opened his heart to the “Mekk-Knight” and inherited the power of the staff. Now in his hands, the ‘Key’ transformed into a pair of swords.

[Mekk-Knight Blue Sky] ->

[Chosen by the World Chalice] ->

[Mekk-Knight Avram]

“Auram” inherited the “The Power of the Staff”


The Rematch Against “Iblee”

Even though he inherited the ‘Key’, the power of “Auram” became a pair of swords, because it was an indirect succession granted to him by “Mekk-Knight Blue Sky”, rather than by the one true heir, “Ib”. When “Iblee” realized that “Ib”, sleeping deep within her, had the right of succession, she rushed to activate the “World Lance” before “Auram”, who now could use the power of the ‘Key’. While “Auram” managed to tail her, he found himself struggling against the “Knightmares”, mythical beasts created by “Iblee”. However, “Ningirsu”, aided by “Imduk”, managed to catch up with “Auram” and the monsters. Together they struggled to help “Auram”, as they had lost the power of the “World Chalice” in their previous fight, as everyone rushed towards the “World Lance”, but in the blink of an eye, “Iblee” managed to activate the “World Lance” first, launching a terrifying and intense attack against the heroes.

[World Legacy’s Nightmare]

The Mythical Beasts Born By “Iblee”‘s Hand, The “Knightmares”

“Iblee” used the cores of the “Mekk-Knights” to create beasts from myth and legend, each inheriting the characteristics of its source “Mekk-Knight”. “Ningirsu” rushed to the side of “Auram”, as his friend struggled to hold them off, and managed to defeat “Mermaid” in a single deadly blow. He then made himself the target of the other “Knightmares”, giving “Auram” a clear path ahead to chase after “Iblee”.

[Knightmare Mermaid]

[Knightmare Unicorn]

“Ib”‘s Will To Defy “Lee”, And A Tragic Conclusion…

“Iblee” picked up one of the swords in order to finish off “Auram”, who had been injured by the power of the “World Lance”, but the dragon whelp “Imduk” lept in front of her out of nowhere. Before its endangered friend, “Imduk” manifested a portion of its power as God’s Vassal. Even though it was brief, it forced the spirit of “Lee” to show itself, paralyzing her. That let the spirit of “Ib” to finally awaken from the dark depths of her own mind. Seeing the fallen “Auram” and the sword in her hand, “Ib” realized what was going on and made a sudden decision, turning the tip of the sword towards her own body and impaling herself…

[World Legacy Awakens]

[World Legacy Struggle]

[World Legacy’s Sorrow]

The power of bonds and feelings, which is the strength of living things, can easily be turned into a weakness. As long as she was in the body of “Ib”, “Auram” and the others, who had deep bonds with her, would not be able to turn their weapons on their friend… faced with the haughty and arrogant “Iblee”, “Auram” grew stronger, the “Mekk-Knights” stood their determination, “Ningirsu” fought bravely, and “Imduk” awakened an hidden power… ultimately, the ambitions of “Iblee” were shattered by deadly irregularities caused by a series of small glitches stacking on top of one another. However, it was a nightmarish ending for “Auram” and his companions, the warriors of the World Chalice.


The Disaster That Ended The Golden Age Of The Ancient Civilization

The Era In Which Life On The Earth Prospered And Civilization Became Incredibly Advanced

In days of long ago, far before “Auram” and his friends were ever born. Millions of years had passed since the time of the Creation Myth, and humanity had reached the heights of its prosperity. A power great enough to reveal the meaning of life itself: the dragons and their mission to protect the world’s resources from being exploited were no longer considered to be a mere myth. It was during this era that the ‘Key’ was unearthed. At first, humanity was excited by the discovery of such a mythical relic, but they soon grew to fear the fact they excavated the ‘Key’, considering it a sign that the clash between the ‘World Hero’ and the ‘Great Darkness’ actually happened, and decided to analyze the ‘Key’.

The scientist “Lee” made a name for herself across the world as the leading authority of computer science. Her participation as a part of the analysis team allowed them to make remarkable leaps forward in terms of analysis, but no one was aware of her true hypothesis, which fueled her powerful, sinful ambitions… “One can obtain the power of God.”

The secret hypothesis of “Lee” was the unseen side of the Heroic Epic: the true identity of the ‘Great Darkness’. The ‘Key’ was actually able to call forth and control the powers of creation and destruction. The common element of the Heroic Epic of the ‘World Hero’ was that they were able to repel the ‘Great Darkness’. But the reverse must hold true as well. Thus the ‘Great Darkness’ must also have been created by the ‘Key’. As its name implied, it must not only have been able to lock the World Prison closed, but also to open it. In truth, the Heroic Epic was actually the history of the conflict of those who fought over the ‘Key’, between those who took on the mission from God and those who desired to revive the power of destruction for themselves.

[World Legacy’s Memory]

The Ultimate “Mekk-Knight” That Brought About The End

The ‘Key’ analysis team renamed themselves to “Crusadia”, an organization that directly answered to the Confederation. (*4) ‘Project Mekk-Knight’, a machine soldier development project, was advocated as a measure to deal with the coming threat to the world. Several years later, the ultimate weapon, “Mekk-Knight of the Morning Star” was created, using the ‘Key’ as its power core. However, something happened when they attempted to turn it on. The ‘Key’ caused the energy of the stars to immediately invert. It flowed into the Earth’s core, and this overflowing energy then shattered the crust, causing the power of destruction to leak out, and the Earth’s surface was scorched black. All of this was planned by “Lee”. However, just as the ‘Great Darkness’ was about to return, seven “Mekk-Knights” built by “Crusadia” as secondary support machines appeared and destroyed “Mekk-Knight of the Morning Star”. Then, they managed to seal the ‘Great Darkness’ back into the Earth’s crust. However, fragments of the divine power known as the ‘Great Darkness’ remained on the surface in the forms of relics known as “Legacies”, each representing portions of its power, similar to the ‘Key’. Even though the mastermind behind the disaster, “Lee”, was discovered to have died, her scheme had resulted in the damaged and ruined land around them being incapable of sustaining and supporting the human race. “Crusadia” came to the conclusion that the reason that the ‘World Hero’ who could control the power of the ‘Key’ didn’t appear in this era was a result of the Earth growing weaker, and thus they decided to focus on restoring the Earth’s health, and fostering life to spread and diversify. To that end, they gave a command to the remaining “Mekk-Knights”, giving them orders to suppress human civilization, classifying it as their top priority. The personality data of the staff of “Crusadia” was linked via brain waves to the “Mekk-Knights”, and with that, the mission to restore the Earth began. Thus “Crusadia” entrusted their hopes to the future, but there was something they failed to notice: while the body of “Lee” body had died, she had transferred her soul into the “World Chalice”, which now carried her will and ambitions.

[Mekk-Knight of the Morning Star]


The World Chalice Legend Of The Rise And Fall Of The World – Part 2: The Power of God And The Future of the World

“Crusadia” Revived

Years had passed since the day of that tragedy. While “Auram” was wounded in the aftermath, “Ningirsu” knocked him unconscious and took with him the body of “Ib”, as well as the sword she was impaled with. Although “Auram” was physically and mentally injured, he realized the danger of what “Ningirsu” planned to do, and decided to search for whatever remained alive on their distant star, in order to stop “Ningirsu” from doing something truly irredeemable. To start, he discovered a “Krawler”, and restored its functions using the ability of the “Mekk-Knights” he now carried inside himself, and succeeded in melding minds with it. In doing so, he learned of information about several tribes from the records he was able to access from the mind meld. “Auram” traveled to the lands of each tribe and learned their legends and literature, which let him slowly unravel the secrets of this world, coming to understand the existence of the sleeping power of the stars that both “Lee” and now “Ningirsu” sought. In order to counter their ambitions, he asked the leader of each tribe to help him, and formed a Tribal Confederation. The alliance, likening themselves to the heroic warriors of the ancient civilization, dubbed themselves “Crusadia”, reactivated the “World Legacy – “World Crown””, and began their march.

[Crusadia Draco] (Imduk)

[Crusadia Krawler]

[Crusadia Maximus] (Auram)

[World Legacy’s Mind Meld]

Attempting A Mindmeld With A “Krawler”

The Other Inhabitants Of The World Discovered By “Auram” And Co.

[Crusadia Reclusia]

[Crusadia Leonis]

[Crusadia Arboria]

He discovered from the records of the “Krawler” the existence of the “Igna Reclusia” Tribe, the “Leonis Hortus” Tribe, as well as the “Arboria Laca” Tribe; who kept the “World Crown” hidden. (*5)

[Crusadia Revival]

“Ningirsu”, Who Took “Ib’s” Body And “Auram’s” Sword

Ever since the day of that tragedy, “Ningirsu” was purely driven by a single wish. To him, there was no point in a world without “Ib”, and if he could see her smile one more time, it didn’t matter what he would have to do. Thanks to the cores of the “Mekk-Knights” he recovered from the six slaughtered “Knightmares”, he learned the truth of the world, and by using lost technology, he constructed a body to house the soul of “Ib”. Next, he decided to create a world fit for her. Driven by an unwavering sense of purpose, “Ningirsu” began to build the divine gate, “Babel”.

[Orcustrated Return]

[Orcustrated Babel]


The Start Of The “World War”

[World Legacy – “World Crown”]

The mechanical doll that “Ningirsu” ultimately made, based on countless experiments, achieved replenishment of cellular induction from the corpse of “Ib”, as well as manifesting the abilities of one of the twin swords that he had taken. Using his mechanical doll, as well as the “World Lance”, “World Shield”, and “World Armor” he had in his possession, “Ningirsu” reworked them to react with the “World Legacy – “World Wand””, forcing it to activate. The final ‘World War’ (*6) was about to begin, in a battle between “Auram” and his allies versus “Ningirsu”.

The “Crusadia” Alliance Obtained The Power Of The “World Crown”

[Crusadia Power]

[Crusadia Equimax]

[Crusadia Magius]

[Crusadia Regulex]

[Crusadia Spatha]

The “Crusadia” alliance, led by “Auram”, managed to get help from each of the major tribes, and together obtained greater power from the “World Crown” that had been kept secret by the “Arboria Laca” Tribe. Now worthy of bearing the name “Crusadia”, they took the fight to “Ningirsu”.

The “Orcust” Laid In Wait For The “Crusadia”

“Auram” approached the tower, sensing the evil that threatened the world, all the while shuddering in terror at the majesty of “Babel”, which reached into the very heavens themselves. But standing between him and “Babel” was an endless horde of mechanical weapons called the “Orcust”. They were by-products of the experiments of “Ningirsu” to make a suitable vessel for “Ib”; with how many he conducted, he had created what could be called an army. The “Crusadia” alliance found themselves in a corner, trying to fight off his strongest weapon, “Orcustrion”. And in the midst of this fierce battle, “Auram” sensed something that had same power of his ‘Key’, emanating from deep within “Babel”.

[Orcust Brass Bombard]

[Orcust Cymbal Skeleton]

[Orcust Harp Horror]


[Orcustrated Einsatz]

The Power “Auram” Had Also Emanated From “Babel”


The Power Of The “World Wand”

The shining “Babel” continued to grow and grow. The real goal of “Ningirsu” was not to build “Babel” up to the heavens, but rather to drop the “World Wand” from orbit in order to destroy the Earth’s core via kinetic bombardment. Then the “World Ark” that slept deep underground would awaken, whose authority over life and death would allow “Ningirsu” to revive the soul of “Ib”, and following that, he planned to release the power of the ‘Great Darkness’ sealed deep within the Earth’s core and use it to transform the revived “Ib” into the world’s new goddess, the “Rebuilder of Worlds”. “Auram” rushed towards the mechanical doll responsible for initiating this plan, but found himself blocked by “Ningirsu” and his “Orcust” hordes, and was dragged in a fierce battle. Ultimately, the “World Wand” did drop, and the Earth screamed in agony.

[Longirsu, the Orcust Orchestrator] (Ningirsu)

[World Legacy – “World Wand”]

[Orcustrated Attack]

[Orcustrated Core]

The “Guardragons” Born From The “World Ark”

The “World Wand” smashed into the Earth in a massive kinetic bombardment. The resulting impact torn the planet asunder, and the warriors of the “Crusadia” alliance were caught in the aftershock. However, in order to protect his beloved friends, “Imduk” unleashed his power once more, and created a giant barrier at the cost of his own life. After the impact settled, all that remained at the impact site was the “Crusadia” alliance and the “World Ark”, which used its power and authority over death to assimilate the corpse of “Imduk”, who had died beneath it, and remade him as “Andrake”. And to make matters worse, the aftershock of its power ran through the cracked and exposed core of the Earth and reached all of the “World Legacies” across the planet, which caused the dragons to awaken.

[Guardragon Shield]

[World Legacy Guardragon]

[World Legacy – “World Ark”]

[Guardragon Corewakening]

Each Of The “World Legacies” Was Remade Into A “Guardragon”

The “World Legacies”, which embodied the authority of God, having absorbed “Imduk”, transformed in order to exert the power of the very same God that once created them. They transformed into dragons.

[Imduk the World Chalice Dragon]

  • World Legacy – “World Chalice” -> Guardragon Justicia
  • World Legacy – “World Crown” -> Guardragon Garmides
  • World Legacy – “World Wand” -> Guardragon Promineses
  • World Legacy – “World Ark” -> Guardragon Andrake
  • World Legacy – “World Shield” -> Guardragon Elpy
  • World Legacy – “World Armor” -> Guardragon Pisty
  • World Legacy – “World Lance” -> Guardragon Agrapain

[Guardragon Andrake]

[Guardragon Cataclysm]


“Lee’s” Soul Managed To Revive

“Ningirsu”, carrying the body of “Ib”, headed for the mechanical doll. With the power of the ‘Key’ transplanted into it, “Ningirsu” would be able to control the dragons. Finally, with all the required powers integrated, the soul of “Ib” was revived with the power that ruled over life and death.

[Orcustrated Release]

[Orcust Knightmare]

But the smile on the mechanical doll’s face was not the one he wanted. At the very moment he called the soul of “Ib” back, “Lee”, who remained a part of her, took the initiative and seized control of the mechanical doll. Using the power of the ‘Key’ inside her, she erased the soul of “Ib”.

[Knightmare Incarnation Idlee]

There was no heir of the ‘Key’ capable of reviving God among the humans born in the age of machines. “Lee” concluded that not even “Morning Star” was good enough and decided to use the machine civilization itself in order to purge the surface of the Earth. Even humanity’s hope for life to take root once more was within the scope of her plans. When an heir who could activate the “World Legacies” finally appeared after countless ages, she schemed again. Stopped once by the heir, her goodie-two-shoes friends, and that meddling dragon, her obsession with that power grew even greater and maddening. She absorbed the corpse of “Ib” and five of the “Guardragons”, and having done so, “Idlee” obtained the authority they held, and now finally had the power of God at her fingertips.

The Terrifying Power of “Idlee” And A Single Ray Of Hope

“Idlee” called forth the power of God sealed inside the Earth’s core, and used it to awaken the central nervous system: “Deus X-Krawler”. She desired to reign as a complete and perfect god, incorporating the power of God into her very being.

[World Legacy Monstrosity]

[World Legacy Guardragon Mardark]

[Deus X-Krawler]

And with “Mardark”, consumed by the power of death, standing in the way, it seemed at that moment that all hope was lost, but then “Justicia” suddenly flew in from the Celestial Forest and unleashed its power. It merged with the body of “Ib”, which was pulled free from “Idlee”, and the two were reborn as “Ib the World Chalice Justiciar”.

[Guardragon Reincarnation]

[Ib the World Chalice Justiciar]


The “Vessel” With A Heart

“Idlee”, who had control over all the powers and authorities of God, had her power seized from her by “Ib”, now dwelling inside of “Justicia”. The soul of “Ib” should have been erased during their fusion… but it was actually the soul of the mechanical doll that “Lee” had erased. Although the mechanical doll was originally made to be a mere vessel, at some point it gained its own sense of identity, most likely because of the cellular induction process. “Galatea” was a name that the doll destined to become “Ib” secretly gave herself, as no one else had bothered to give her one. “Galatea” was a name that belonged to a woman who was loved and became a flesh-and-blood human being, according to information she accessed from the records of the ancient civilization. When “Lee” and “Ib” fused, “Galatea” sacrificed her own soul in place of “Ib”. Meanwhile, the soul of “Ib” was transferred to the “World Chalice”, which had later been remade into “Guardragon Justicia”.

[Galatea, the Orcust Automaton]

“The Vessel of God’s Power” Appeared From The Earth’s Depths

Having lost the power of the ‘Key’, “Idlee” went on a rampage, as she could no longer control the massive amount of power contained inside her body. So it rapidly collapsed onto itself. On the other hand, the revived “Ib” joined forces with “Auram” and called forth the soul of “Imduk” back from “Mardark”. “Imduk” then evolved into “Almarduke”, amplified by the power of life itself. However, soon after their hopes were lifted, from the depths of the Earth destroyed by “X-Krawler” feeding on power from the core, came the “World Gears”, the vessel of God’s Power.

[World Gears of Theological Demiurgy]

Standing before the “World Gears”, the embodiment of the ‘Great Darkness’, the other name of the power of destruction, “Auram” decided to try and fight back. Having once partially inherited the ‘Key’ from “Mekk-Knight Blue Sky” and with the power of all “World Legacies” assembled, “Auram” decided to strike the ‘Great Darkness’ down.

[World Chalice Guardragon Almarduke]

[Crusadia Testament]

“The Spear Of The Mekk-Deity” (*7) Created In Response To The Dying Wish Of “Galatea”

As “Auram” tried to unite the various powers together, “Idlee” sensed it, and tried to make one final desperate attack. However, it was “Ningirsu” who stopped her. In response to the dying wish of “Galatea”, he used the remains of “Babel” and his former army of “Orcusts” to forge “Dingirsu, the Orcust of the Evening Star”.

[Orcust Crescendo]

[Dingirsu, the Orcust of the Evening Star]


Birth of The ‘World Hero’ Of The Creation Myth

The attack from the “Crusadia” alliance led by “Auram”, the unexpected rebirth of “Ib”, and finally the counterattack of “Ningirsu”… the body of “Idlee”, which had lost all sense of higher thought and reason, was finally destroyed by the attack of “Dingirsu”. But her very existence continued to cling to the Throne of God until the very end despite losing all rationality or sanity; now lost adrift in a sea of madness, “Lee” forced her soul to merge with the “World Gears” due to its synchronization with “X-Krawler”. However, her body, no longer in possession of the ‘Key’, was now unable to restrain and control the incredible power the throne possessed, and as a result the “World Gears”, reacting to the evil will of “Idlee”, went completely out of control.

[World Legacy Collapse]

Responding To “Idlee’s” Evil Thoughts, It Began Rampaging.

Its existence, which harbored the Power of God that could create and destroy worlds and even stars, started to bring about the destruction of the world faster as a result of its leaking power. The “World Gears”, which had become the avatar of destruction, had reached a level where it was no longer possible for it to be held back by the Seal of God in the Earth’s core, and it seemed like the end of the world was all but certain, but then “Auram”, having fully inherited the ‘Key’ as well as having completely integrated the powers of the “World Legacies” into himself, became a legendary being that had been whispered of throughout eternity: “Mekk-Knight Crusadia Avramax”. In other words, he had awoken as the ‘World Hero’.

[Mekk-Knight Crusadia Avramax]

Fusion With “The Vessel of God’s Power”

“Avramax” charged straight into the heart of the “World Gears”, where a remnant of the mind of “Lee” lingered. There he learned the truth about the God that created their world. The “World Gears of Theological Demiurgy” is really the prototypical form of all gods, a vessel that does the will of God in response to the will of the being inside it… in short, an Apotheosis Program. The entity that had previously occupied the “World Gears” used it to control and operate the movements of the heavens, but whoever they were, they disappeared in the process of sealing the out-of-control power of destruction deep within the planet.

[World Legacy Cliffhanger]

[World Legacy Bestowal]

And now, once more a crisis had occurred due to its power. If it continued to rampage like this, it would not only destroy the world, but the heavens as well. “Avramax”, thinking that because he had become the awakened master of the ‘Key’ he could control it, completely unleashed its power. Instead of trying to destroy God, he chose to try and become one with the vessel. And thus, “Avida, Rebuilder of Worlds” was born.

[Avida, Rebuilder of Worlds]

The ‘World Hero’ chose to become God and settle everything


Rebirth of the World “RE:VERSE RE:BIRTH”

The newly-born god, “Avida”, armed with the power of God surpassing all human understanding that he obtained after countless merciless battles, hoped He could restore the original world He used to live on as a human, along with “Ningirsu”, “Ib”, His “Crusadia” allies, and all the other lives lost in the ‘World War’. It might have been a very human and self-righteous thing for a god to do. Maybe it was more sensible to punish them by ‘destroying the world’… but ultimately, He chose to absorb the crumbling world into the vessel, and booted up a Restoration Program for the lifeforms born on that world. And then there was light…

[World Reassembly]

“Avida” chose to start the World Restoration Program…

On that day in a dazzling light

She lost consciousness,

And then when she awoke,

What she saw was a calm night sky laid out before her.

With the twinkling light of the stars,

Gently illuminating the world around her,

She embarked on a journey.

Sometimes, the sword she held

Would blink and glow

With a faint light.

What laid ahead on the path it guided her on

No one knew.

Still, that girl

Entrusted her hopes to its blinking light

Continuing to journey the world he left behind.

[Lib the World Key Blademaster]

“Auram” disappeared from the world as the “Rebuilder of Worlds” at the end of the ‘World War’, with his name carved into history, leaving behind the ‘Key’, now in the form of a sword. ””The battle for the Power of God must never happen again.”” “Ib” carried the sword, traveling the world restored by the person that mattered most to her.

[Girsu, the Orcust Mekk-Knight]

“Ningirsu”, who once walked down the wrong path, was revived as a ‘Knight’ who protects the world. Following the earnest wish of his friend “Auram”, he pledged to watch over and support “Ib” in secret. With him was the fairy “Galatea”, snuggled up close beside him.

[World Legacy – “World Key”]

Due to the effects of the Restoration Program executed by the “Rebuilder of Worlds”, the ‘Key’ that was so entwined with the fate of the world was remade into a sword that absorbed the power of the “World Legacies”. “Ib”, the master of the sword known as the “World Key”, went on a journey to find a place to seal it forever and prevent the tragedy from ever happening again.

[The World Legacy]

Miraculously, the power of the “Rebuilder of Worlds” repaired the destruction caused by the ‘Great Darkness’. Countless stars twinkled in the sky, and the breath of life could be heard all around. And “Ib”, who was given the “World Key”, pushed forward with determination in her heart. To where “The World Legacy” leads next… (*8)



(*0) To note, 星 is often used to refer to the ‘world’ of the “World Legacy” setting, Konami has also done this with the Duel Terminal storyline. 星 literally means “star”, but it’s being used in certain contexts here in the way English speakers would say, oh, “a distant star” to refer to another world.

(*1) 星辰の森 is being translated as Celestial Forest, but the 辰 can refer to the fifth sign of the Chinese Zodiac, the Dragon.

(*2) I’m simplifying it to “sacred staff”, but Ib’s staff is cited as a 祭器 (Saiki), a catch all term in Japanese used to refer to any device or dish used in a religious/ritualistic manner.

(*3) She’s calling them “Heroes of the Stars” and calling for the scattered lights of the stars. A key issue is “The World Legacy” plot makes constant references to the stars, but the TCG chose to replace those references with “World”. I’m kind of caught in a bad place.

(*4) 国家連合 is being used here. It refers to any ‘Confederation’ of nations of united states or nations, such as the European Union, the Southern Confederacy, etc.

(*5) I am so leaning into fake Latin here, the names of the Tribes are:

  • 炎の魔境の部族 (Tribe of the Blazing Otherlands)
  • 獣王の庭の部族 (Tribe of the Beast King Garden)
  • 神樹の湖の部族 (Tribe of the Sacred Tree Lake)

(*6) “Star War”/”Battle of the Stars”. It also sounds like “Crusade/Holy War/Jihad”.

(*7) 機神 is used here, it’s the same term used in the Kanji for Sheol Orcust Dingirsu/Dingirsu, the Orcust of the Evening Star. It means literally Machine God/Spirit, but it sounds like 鬼神, i.e. “Fierece/Wrathful Deity”, Gods, Buddhas, Bodhisttvas sn Devas who use their power to destroy forces that stand in the way of enlightenment. I think the word choice here is intentional.

(*8) This needed to inference the Japanese name “Where the Star Relic Leads Next”. As “To “The World Legacy”” might give the wrong impression.

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