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Atem T-Shirt drawn by Kagami Takahiro

Another Cospa product.

A new T-Shirt is available, featuring an image of the Pharaoh, Atem, drawn by Mr. Kagami Takahiro, an animator who has done quite a lot of work for the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime.

Atem T-Shirt
Sales Price: 2,900 Yen
General Sales: Early July 2020
Pre-Sale At Select Animate Stores: Late May 2020

There is no Pre-Sale for S and XL size shirts.
Cospa may sell this at other events and stores.
The number of shirts available for Pre-Sale are limited in quantity. Thank you for your understanding.

A powerful illustration drawn by Kagami Takahiro is on the T-Shirt!

・ A T-Shirt featuring a powerful line drawing of “Atem” drawn by “Kagami Takahiro”!
・ With a cartouche in his hand, Atem gives of a sense of majesty as a Pharaoh, even though he’s calmly talking to Yugi and the others.

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