[OCG] Asia Championship Plus 2014 Prize Duel Field

It’s a tournament mat, featuring a pre-Duelist Alliance theme (specifically with a cute monster as the focal point)

It’s time for a sneak preview of the Asia Championship Plus 2014 Prize Duel Field, featuring the Sylvans!

The Hong Kong Japanese Qualifiers – Trials are going on and there are only a few slots left for grabs. If you haven’t gotten one yet, better work hard, there’s only a few weeks to go!

And don’t forget, the Hong Kong Chinese Qualifiers will give you a chance to get into the main event to try and win the Duel Field too!

For more info on the Trials, click on the link below:


Also, apparently this mat only goes to the top 4 teams of the main event.


NeoArkadia is the Number 2 in the Organization, and a mystery.