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[Master Duel] Hands-on Gameplay by various creators

Guess what we are not learning this time either.

A number of content creators have been invited to playtest Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel and make sponsored videos about their experiences. It seems there might have been a minimum date to post these videos, as they are all showing up at once. Of course, there’s only so much that has been revealed so far, so the videos overlap in some of the content.

The most common points seem to be:
-Emphasis on the graphics, animations, smoothness of gameplay.
-The background music.
-Focus on the Solo Mode, particularly on the campaigns of the Monarch and Gem-Knight themes.
-Other points that have been mentioned earlier such as 4K compatibility, availability and crossplay through multiple platforms, free to play with microtransactions, etc.

We learned some new things which are present in the current build and may or may not be in the final product:
-There’s a time limit for your turn of apparently 480 seconds (8 minutes). This does not count animations or your opponents actions. This limit seems to be variable depending on certain factors on further turns.
-Players don’t get to choose heads/tails for the coin toss to determine who goes first, but the player that wins the automatic coin toss can decide who goes first.
-The Solo Mode campaigns can be played with a rental Deck or your own Deck and you get different sets of rewards in each of these.
-There’s a Duel log that can be overlayed during the Duel that does not interrupt gameplay and goes back to the very start of the Duel.
-You can toggle public knowledge indicators such as the amount of cards in the Deck, GY, etc., make the GY/Banished top cards visible, the Attribute/Types of face-up monsters and make your face-down cards translucid to yourself.
-Animations can be skipped.
-You can interact with certain elements of the board and your mate.
-You can browse through the contents of the GYs, your Extra Deck, etc. visualized by a thin column with the card pictures outside of the field, without interrupting gameplay.

HeroVoltsy (English):

ItsBradazHD (English):

Odé & Vinz (French):

reVohlt (French):

Luthor (French):

Le Labo (French):

GigivraliGX (French):


Yubel Yuki (French):

AlexYuki (French):

JantoniTv (French):

CK-Phoenix (German):

CardJournalist (German):

ReneBrain (German):

Julioh (German):

Schattenspieler (German):

Vulkanos (Spanish):

Yu-Gi-Oh!Masterclass (Spanish):

El Guardián Celta (Spanish):

El dojo del duelista (Spanish):

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