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[TCG] Vidoes on Cybernetic Horizon with Other News

Jerome McHale gave some helpful hints on how to play recent Decks, along with some hints at future product!

Cyber Dragon Video:

Crusadia Video:

In brief:

OP08-EN008 is Machine Duplication

The playmat Jerome has appears to be the upcoming Regionals playmat, featuring Borrelsword Dragon

Also on his table are various cards confirmed to be in Shadows of Valhalla based on prior product descriptions of the product (we’ll be using the unofficial names we’ve been using due to the lack of official names being provided at this time):

  • Aleister the Meltdown Invoker
  • Outer Entity Azzathoth
  • Old Entity Chthugha
  • Outer Entity Nyarla

Jerome also confirmed on the WCS Stream that his videos above do contain an image of a Super Rare “Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring”. This is a rarity the card has not been at yet, inferring it will be in a soon-to-be released product.

There’s likely other cards on the table that might be potential early Easter Eggs, but we’d rather not guess too blindly.

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