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[OCG] Anime Festival Asia 2014 Deck Separator & News

A Deck Separator is being given out at the same venue as the Fluffal and Frightfur mat.

This Ritual Beast deck separator is available to those who fill out a survey from Room 300 on Level 3 and deliver the survey to Booth A140 on Level 4, and present your Duelist ID card.

Items of Interest

  • Those attending the convention will be able to get a free demo of Yu-Gi-Oh! using the new Synchron Extreme structure deck for the tutorial (but they will not be keeping said Deck for free, but the Deck can be purchased).
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! cosplayers will get a special gift by visiting the booth and taking a photo that’s then published on their Facebook and then talking to the booth personnel. ¬†(The gift is currently unknown.)
  • Players will be able to attend one of 18 mini-tournaments (6 tournaments per day, with a max of 8 players each.). Each player can only participate in one tournament per day. These will be held in Room 300 of the Suntec City centre. Tournaments will be held each day after 12:30 PM, entry requires 20 Singaporean Dollars. The tournaments will be single elimination, not Swiss. Those who win these tournaments will get a free box of “The Secret of Evolution” (The Japanese version of Secrets of Eternity). Those entering will get a free Fluffal-Frightfur Dueling Mat exclusive to the convention.

This is all at the Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre from December 5th to 7th.



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