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Art Works Monsters: BRD and N107

Following the Arkana/Pandora version of Dark Magician.

The first figure is a Black Rose Dragon figure, “a dragon based on a rose”, designed by Kenshi Andou.

The direction taken for this figure is to “make it more plant-like, and at the same time, make the base of the feathers and the neck part more armor-like”.

An additional detail at the base of the dragon is the desolated statue featured in the art of Black Garden:

Next, we have Number 107: Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon:

The direction for this one is to “preserve the original design while at the same time emphasizing a sensation of a mechanical life form”

The video reports that the figure does not transform from and into its sealed form, however, an accessory of its sealed form is also planned:

Additionally, since Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon is indeed an Xyz Monster, an additional accessory of Overlay Units/Xyz Materials is also in the works.

Source. Highly recommended that you watch the video to see the models rotating in three dimensions.