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[RATE-EN] The Check List (Spanish)

We’ve got a list of names for various things and we’re gonna spitball ’em at you guys. (Keep in mind none of these translations are 100% and we’re going from Spanish to English so wait for someone to bring out the English Checklist.)

The new Cyber Angel is Cyber Angel Natasha.

The new Shiranui Synchro looks like it should be Shiranui Sunsaga.

RATE-XX081 Sea Monster of Theseus
RATE-XX082 Subterror Nemesis Defender
RATE-XX083 Subterror Behemoth Dragssuary
RATE-XX084 Subterror Behemoth Voltelluric
RATE-XX085 Clash in the Subterror Caverns
RATE-XX088 SPYRAL Gear – Handy Cable
RATE-XX089 SPYRAL Mission – Recapture
RATE-XX090 {Symphonic Warrior Guitaars}
RATE-XX091 {Symphonic Warrior Sizerrs}
RATE-XX092 Amplifire Symph
RATE-XX093 Rocket Hand
RATE-XX094 Wicked Machine Ark Makina (here as something like Mechanical Arkfiend)
RATE-XX095 Lightsworn Judgement
RATE-XX096 {Symphonic Warrior Miccs}
RATE-XX097 Delta the Magnet Warrior
RATE-XX098 Windwitch – Glass Bell
RATE-XX099 Dark Contract with the Entity (The one from the Dimension Box)

We’ll update you guys as we get more information.


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