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[RD/KP12] Chromatographicus

I am Chromatographicus!

RD/KP12-JP001 クロマトグラファガス Chromatographicus
Level 7 FIRE Pyro Normal Monster
ATK 2500
DEF 1600
(This flesh may burneth and vaporize… but as long as mine own fighting spirit remains unextinguished, mine own corse shall beest immortal.)


In chemical analysis, chromatography is a laboratory technique for the separation of a mixture into its components.

If you’re baffled at the flavor text, the monster’s flavor text speaks in First Person, and the form of “I/my” that the monster uses is 我が, which is very archaic usage. Basically think a knight or a samurai in terms of oldness. So. Fake Shakespearen.


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