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[Arc-V] Episode 7 Summary

Episode 7
反旗の逆鱗 ダーク・リべリオン・エクシーズ・ドラゴン Hanki no Gekirin Daaku Reberion Ekushiizu Doragon (Wrath of the Rebellion: Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon)
May 25th, 2014
Sawatari plans to get his revenge on Yuya. When Yuzu tries to stop him, a new shadowy, dark man appears… … Will these confused rivals be able to…!?

Sawatari, armed with new cards and still bitter from losing to Yuya, plans to get his revenge for his unforgivable humiliation. In order to stop his scheme, Yuya challenges him, but then a black shadow appears before the two, targeting them. The mysterious man brushes Yuzu aside and stops her from doing anything, and quietly begins his Duel with Sawatari. While Sawatari gets carried away with his new strategy, the mysterious man ignores him, and starts showing off a surprising power…

Voice Actors
Sakaki, Yuya: Ono, Kenshou
Hiiragi, Yuzu: Inamura, Yuuna
Shiunin, Sora: Sonozaki, Mie
Tatsuya: Shinde, Nanami
Futoshi: Chikiri, Kyouko
Ayu: Satomi, Akesaka
Sawatari Shingo: Yano, Shogo
Unknown Character: Fujiwara, Takahiro
The Dark Duelist: Takagi, Manpei
Assorted Voices: Nogami, Shou
Assorted Voices: Hamano, Taiki
Assorted Voices: Watanbe, Takumi


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