[Arc-V] Track Listing for Sound Duel 1

25 different songs along with the Opening and Ending themes

01 Believe√óBelieve (TV Size)
02 Main Theme
03 Sakaki Yuya’s Theme
04 A Bright, Fun Entertainment Duel
05 Gongenzaka Shou’s Theme
06 Legendary Duelist
07 The Action Duel Begins
08 Showtime!
09 Swing! Pendulum of Souls
10 Shun’in Sora’s Theme
11 DDD
12 Heart of Glass
13 Wavering Feelings
14 A Battle That You Can’t Lose
15 Busy Everyday Life
16 Questioning Yourself
17 Glittering Tears
18 Take A Step Forward!
19 A Promise with Dad
20 Staring Victory in the Face
21 A Tense Duel
22 Reiji’s Desire
23 While Grieving
24 Cornered Duelist
25 No Matter What, I’ll Always Get Back Up!
26 A New Step
27 One Step (TV Size)


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