[Arc-V] Episode 55 Summary

Episode 55: 治安の強制 デュエルチェイサーズ Chian no Kyousei Dyueru Cheisaazu (Public Safety Coercion – The Duel Chasers)

Yuzu, who had arrived to the Synchro Dimension, was dragged into an intense Duel between Yugo and a Duel Chaser. On the other hand, Yuya, who has crossed the dimensions, is about to enter a new battlefield…


Yuzu was utterly baffled and astonished by the Riding Duel and Synchro Summoning that unfolded before her eyes. With Yuzu sitting right behind, Yuugo dashes through his familiar hometown on his D-Wheel, and is driven into a corner in his Duel with the Security.
At the same time, Reiji, Yuuya, and the other Lancers have crossed the dimensions, and are about to enter a new battlefield…

Sakaki Yuya
Hiiragi Yuzu/Serena
Sawatari Shingo
Jean-Michel Roger/Roget (Note, his name’s French so his name is pronounced Gene Michelle Ro-Zhe.)
Duel Chaser 227
Melissa Claire
And some other people.

Source: Taken from DMC3444 on NAC

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