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[ARC-V] Episode 54 Summary

Episode 54: シンクロ次元『シティ』 Shinkuro Jigen “Shiti” (The Synchro Dimension “City”)
3rd May 2015
Yuya joins in the Lancers, selected by Akaba Reiji to fight against the different dimensions. On the other hand, Yuzu arrives at the Synchro Dimension with Yugo. There, she encounters duelists of another dimension…

While escaping from Yuri in the Battle Royale, Yuzu is unexpectedly teleported to Yugo’s homeland. As the two exchange all the events unfolded so far with each other, they are suddenly chased after by the Security, and get caught in a Riding Duel!
Yuzu rides on Hugo’s D-Wheel and speeds along the streets with him, experiencing her first ever Riding Duel!

Cast List:
Sakaki Yuya/Yuri
Hiiragi Yuzu
Various Extras


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