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[Arc-V] Episode 31 Summary

唸る旋風 妖仙ロスト・トルネード!Unaru Senpuu: Yousen Rosuto Toruneedo! (The Howling Whirlwind: Yosen Lost Tornado!)
November 9th, 2014
First round of the Maiami Championship. Finally Yuya’s first battle begins with his fated opponent, Sawatari. Facing Yuya’s Pendulum Summons, Sawatari has a hidden strategy that no one could imagine!

In the white-hot Maiami Championship, Yuya begins his first duel. His opponent is the “Neo New” Sawatari Shingo who appears shrouded in a mysterious aura. Sawatari, in order to challenge his fated opponent Yuya with his Pendulum Summons, came with a new deck called the “Yosenju”. However, in front of the big crowd, Yuya successfully performs his Pendulum Summons. The situation seems to be in Yuya’s favour, however Sawatari has a hidden strategy prepared…

Cast List:
Sakaki Yuya, Hiiragi Yuzu, Gongenzaka Noboru, Shun’in Sora, Tatsuya, Ayu, Futoshi, Hiiragi Shuzou, Sakaki Yuuko, Nico Smiley, Akaba Reiji, Sawatari Shingo, Shijima Hokuto, Koutsu Masumi, Toudou Yaiba, Nakajima, Narration, Assorted Voices

Source: Master Ghost on NAC.

As a reminder “Burn!”, the new opening, and “Future Fighter” debut in this episode.


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