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[Arc-V] Episode 25 Summary

不動の覚悟!!権現坂昇 Fudou no Kakugo! ! Gongenzaka Noboru (Steadfast Resolve!! Gongenzaka Noboru)
September 28th, 2014
Reiji finally confronts the mystery surrounding the Leo Duel School attackers, which has been enveloped in unprecedented feelings of tension. Meanwhile, in order to qualify for the tournament, Yuya finds himself against the opponent he least expected; his best friend, Gongenzaka.
With three straight wins under his belt for his official matches to qualify for Junior Youth Championship, Yuya finds himself fired up about the last match awaiting him. However, the opponent that Nico chose for his final match is Yuya’s best friend Gongenzaka. Furthermore, Gongenzaka says that this duel decides who will progress onto the championship. In a serious match between two best friends that neither side want to lose, Gongenzaka shows off his new power to Yuya…

Voiced Characters
Yuya Sakaki
Yuzu Hiragi
Noboru Gongenzaka
Sora Shiun’in
Shuzo Hiragi
Yuko Sakaki
Nico Smiley
Reiji Akaba
Gongenzaka’s Father

Source: Mostly Manaphy from NAC, some stuffed was changed around.


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