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[Arc-V] Episode 24 Summary

反逆の翼 レイド・ラプターズ Hangyaku no Tsubasa – Reido Raputaazu (The Wings of Rebellion – Raid Raptors)
September 21st, 2014.
The culprit of the LDS attacks finally becomes clear, who Masumi, Hokuto and Yaiba begin a duel with. Elsewhere, the “Dark Masked Man” approaches Yuzu and explains the truth of the situation to her…
Leo Duel School, led by Reiji, continues to track down it’s attackers. The “Mysterious Man” appears before Masumi once again. In order to avenge her fallen mentor, she calls on Hokuto and Yaiba for assistance, starting a 3-on-1 duel. Meanwhile, the “Dark Masked Man” appears in front of Yuzu, revealing a series of shocking truths…

Voiced Characters
Yuya Sakaki
Yuzu Hiragi
Sora Shiun’in
Reiji Akaba
Hokuto Shijima
Masumi Kotsu
Yaiba Todo
Shun Kurosaki

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