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[Arc-V] Episode 23 Summary

秘術の眼 Hijutsu no Manako (Arcane Eye)
September 14th, 2014
Yuya is in the middle of a Official Duel in order to qualify for the Junior Youth Championship. He’s having a hard time with the Fortune-Telling Girl Duelist, Mieru… … Will the card he draw open the path to a sinister future? It will finally be revealed.

Yuya is fighting in a Official Duel against Houchun Mieru, a Fortune-Telling Duelist. He continues to desperately fight back and defend himself while trying to figure out her ominous prediction, but his strategies are shut down by Mieru, who can read the future, as he Duels against her in this Divination Duel, and ends up finding himself unable to make any moves at all. Mieru, who sees that Yuya’s future will be terrible, urges him to surrender, but when Yuya, unable to do anything, draws a card…

Voiced Characters
Sakaki. Yuya
Hiiragi, Yuzu
Gongenzaka, Noboru
Shun’in, Sora
Nico Smiley
Houchun Mieru
Umino, Naruko
Toudou, Yaiba
Assorted Voices

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