[Arc-V] Episode 21 Summary

ペンデュラムのその先に Penddyuramu no Sono Sakini (Beyond the Pendulum)
August 31st, 2014
Although Yuya is on a hot streak on his way to qualify for the Junior Youth Championship, he’s still bothered about Pendulum Summoning. Reiji. And the appearance of a mysterious man. The darkness before him just gets deeper and deeper.

Yuya’s gotten two straight wins in his attempt to officially qualify for the Junior Youth Championship, but he still remains annoyed about Pendulum Summoning. The fact Reiji could also Pendulum Summon still bothers him. And despite Reiji raising the possibility of Pendulum Summoning evolving even further, he still hasn’t figured out how to do that or what Reiji even meant.

Meanwhile, Masumi continues to frantically search for the culprit behind the attacks on members of LDS, and ends up Dueling against Yuzu and Sora who are the middle of Special Fusion Summoning Training. However, Masumi’s aim is to have the mysterious Black Masked Man appear… …

Cast List
Sakaki Yuya
Hiiragi Yuzu
Gongenzaka Noboru
Hiiragi Shuzou
Nico Smiley
Akaba Reiji
Shijima Hokuto
Koutsu Masumi
Toudou Yaiba
The Man with the Black Mask
Kurosaki Shun
Assorted Voices

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