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[Arc-V] Episode 17 Summary

豪快披露!!満腹全席! Goukai Hirou!! Manpuku Zenseki! (A Exciting Performance! A Fulfilling Meal!)
August 3rd, 2014
In order to earn the qualification to enter the Junior Youth Championship, Yuya duels against the strong genius chef Michio Mokota. The Cooking Duel reaches closer and closer to its conclusion.

Yuya faces a ferocious attack against Michio Mokota’s Cooking Duel. Fighting against Michio who concocts a perfect strategy with his recipes, yet Yuya does not have enough stamina to obtain Action Cards as his stomach is empty… However, in the midst of the pinch, Yuya meets with his savior, providing him with the stamina he needs to fight on. And then, with his Entertainment Duel, the counter-attack begins.

Voiced Characters and Voice Actors
Sakaki, Yuya: Ono, Kenshou
Hiiragi, Yuzu: Inamura, Yuuna
Gongenzaka, Noboru: Oobayashi, Youhei
Shiunin, Sora: Sonozaki, Mie
Tatsuya: Shinde, Nanami
Futoshi: Chikiri, Kyouko
Ayu: Satomi, Akesaka
Sakaki, Yoko: Yuui, Ryouko
Nico Smiley: Iijima, Hajime
Michio Mokota: Takumi, Yasuaki
Michio Maiko: Saitou, Eri
Assorted Voices: Fujinuma, Kento
Assorted Voices: Hamano, Daiki
Assorted Voices: Taichi, You
Assorted Voices: Nogami, Shou
Assorted Voices: Fujiwara, Takahiro
Assorted Voices: Murase Michiyo
Narration: Yamaji, Kazuhiro

(Thanks goes to MasterGhost from NAC for most of the translation)


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