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Episode 13 Summary

魔導賢者ガリレイ、ケプラー Madou Kenjya Garirei, Kepuraa (The Magical Sages Galilei and Kepler)
July 6th, 2014
The You Show Duel School VS LDS Battle is currently a battle between their representatives Yuya and Akaba Reiji. Somehow Reiji Pendulum Summons, unleashing a brutal assault against Yuya. But then Yuya starts a Counterattack by Entertainment Dueling.Outline
Somehow, Reiji Pendulum Summons and mounts an attack against Yuya. Yuya shows off his ability to Pendulum Summon, something he thought only he could do, and tries to counterattack by Entertainment Dueling, but due to the sheer pressure from Reiji, he’s unable to hide his shock. And Reiji doesn’t just Pendulum Summon, he uses it to unleash other parts of his strategy. With You Show Duel School’s fate on the line, Yuya is extremely anxious. And when the battle between the schools ends, the results are…

Voice Actors
Sakaki, Yuya: Ono, Kenshou
Hiiragi, Yuzu: Inamura, Yuuna
Gongenzaka, Noboru: Oobayashi, Youhei
Shiunin, Sora: Sonozaki, Mie
Tatsuya: Shinde, Nanami
Futoshi: Chikiri, Kyouko
Ayu: Satomi, Akesaka
Hiiragi, Shuzou: Itakura, Mitsutaka
Akaba, Reiji: Hosoya, Yoshimasa
Akaba, Himika: Fujimoto, Kikuko
Koutsu, Masumi: Kiyoto, Arisa
Assorted Voices: Fujiwara Takahiro
Assorted Voices: Fujinuma, Kento
Assorted Voices: Hamano, Taiki
Assorted Voices: Nogami, Shou
Narration: Yamaji, Kazuhiro


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