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[Arc-V] The First Opponent of the Junior Youth Tournament!

Do you like Madolche? It’s almost like Madolche. Almost.

“This is the power of my perfect recipe!”
The Cooking Duelist, Michio Mokoda

Uses the Cookmate archetype.

Cookmate Eggong (Cookmate Tamagong, tamago = “egg”)
Cookmate Hyokomugi (hyoko = “chick”, komugi = “wheat”) …Chickrumb? Bucktweet? Tweetwheat?
Cookmate Jagajaguar (jaga – from jagaimo, “potato”) …Ocelotato? Leopartato? Something with spotted cats and root vegetables

There’s also info on how the Junior Youth Tournament plays out, though it’s currently too blurry to make out clearly.


One of the other translators. Drops rare items before scuttling away.

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