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[Arc-V] New Character And Setting Info

Some more information.

紫雲院素良 Shiunin Sora
Voice Actor: 園崎未恵 (Sonozaki Mie)
Interested in the Pendulum Summon Yuya does in his Duels, this mysterious boy decides to become his apprentice. He’s so cute that everyone falls madly in love with him!?

Comments from Yuya & Reiji’s VAs

Sakaki Yuya:
Yuya who is a boy who aims at becoming an Entertainment Duelist who wants to entertain others. Arc-V is  a show that not only kids can kids can enjoy but also their moms, dads, heck, the entire family, can enjoy.

Akaba Reiji:
Reiji is not only an undefeated genius Duelist, he’s also the President of the Leo Corporation. I hope that kids watching the show will think to themselves in the future “Something about me changed back when I was a kid.”.

Yuzu is Yuya’s best friend since childhood, and she’s a powerful girl and a reliable person. Each Duel is its own show. Everyone, please look forward to “Arc-V”, which I’m certain will make you all smile!

A word from one of V Jump’s Editors, Aikawa:
“As you can see by the Illustrations, Yuya rides around on his Dragon. Duels in this show are different from ones in the past in how they play out, as now you have to play Monsters and ride around on them. Furthermore, while the show does have Pendulum Summons, various forms of Summoning from the past will also be used.”


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