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[Arc-V] Episode 38 and 39 Spoilers

With the shocking end of 2014 twists, Arc-V looks like it isn’t cooling down. Thanks to Master Ghost for this stuff.

Episode 38: The Four Dimensions
Air Date: 11th January 2015
2 days have passed since the duel between Yuuto and Yuugo and Yuya, who has been losing his consciousness during this period, finally wakes up and tells Yuzu about the incident that night. In order to find out whether the “Dimensions” talk is indeed true, Yuya and Yuzu goes to Shun with Yuuto’s “Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon” card.

Episode 38: The Four Dimensions
Episode 39: Awakening of the Gekirin
Just like Sora, Yuuto also disappeared in a Duel!!

After the Duel, Yuya finally wakes up after 2 days of losing consciousness. Yuya and Yuzu, holding the card that Yuuto left behind, begins searching for Shun.

To be aired on 18th January: Yuya duels against Kachidoki!?
Yuya duels against Kachidoki Isao from the martial arts specialist “Ryouzanpaku Duel School”. Facing against Kachidoki who duels in a violent manner, Yuya who believes in his ideals that duels can bring happiness to others would…!?

Note from Master Ghost:

 Gekirin (逆鱗), in Japanese and Chinese mythology, refers to one particular scale out of 81 scales covering the body of the dragon. This scale, unlike others, is inverted. It is said in Japanese legends that if one were to touch the dragon’s gekirin, it would result in the wrath of the dragon.



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