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[Arc-V] Episode 12 Summary

DDD 異次元の王 Diidiidii Ijigen no Ou (DDD: King of the Different Dimension)
June 29th, 2014
The tournament between LDS and You Show Duel School, goes into an overtime battle between the reps. You Show Duel School’s rep is Yuya. However the representative for LDS is Akaba Reiji himself.
As if responding to Himika’s voice when she suggests a way to settle the fight between You Show Duel School and LDS. Reiji finally appears, volunteering to be Yuya’s opponent. Though Yuya tries to hide how nervous he is, he promises to not forget his usual “cheerful and fun” Dueling style. Then the Duel Starts. While Yuya tries to keep going by Pendulum Summoning over and over, the strategy Reiji employs surpasses everyone’s wildest expectations.

Voice Actors
Sakaki, Yuya: Ono, Kenshou
Hiiragi, Yuzu: Inamura, Yuuna
Gongenzaka, Noboru: Oobayashi, Youhei
Shiunin, Sora: Sonozaki, Mie
Tatsuya: Shinde, Nanami
Futoshi: Chikiri, Kyouko
Ayu: Satomi, Akesaka
Hiiragi, Shuzou: Itakura, Mitsutaka
Akaba, Reiji: Hosoya, Yoshimasa
Akaba, Himika: Fujimoto, Kikuko
Shijima, Hokuto: Hanae, Natsuki
Koutsu, Masumi: Kiyoto, Arisa
Toudou, Yaiba: Takanashi, Kengo
Assorted Voices: Fujiwara Takahiro
Assorted Voices: Fujinuma, Kento
Assorted Voices: Hamano, Taiki
Assorted Voices: Nogami, Shou
Assorted Voices: Hoshino, Saki
Narration: Yamaji, Kazuhiro

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