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[Japan] New Animate Cafe Food Items and White Day Event

New Items cited for March 2nd to March 29th, 2017 from the officially licensed Animate Yu-Gi-Oh! Cafe

レッド寮の エビフライもどき Red Dorm Fake Fried Shrimp (920 Yen)
Shrimp Cutlet + Tartar Sauce + Monaka

激甘おしるこヌードル Extremely Sweet Red-Bean Soup Noodles (920 Yen)
Sweet Red-Bean Soup + Udon + Grilled Mochi + Monaka (With a picture printed on it) + Pine-Shape Cookie (think the cloud-like shape from Osomatsu)

遊馬のデュエル飯~ナンバーズ(南蛮漬け)を添えて~ Yuma’s Duel Rice ~Garnished with Numbers (Nanbandzuke)~ (540 Yen)
Perfectly Round Onigiri + Horse Mackrel Nanbandzuke + Pickled Radish + Various Vegetables hashed and pickled in Salt

ヘルカイザーの五連打(グォレンダァ)白玉 Hell Kaiser’s Gorenda (Gworendah) Rice-Flour Dumpling (700 Yen)
Green Tea Ice Cream + Corn Flake + Vanilla Ice Cream + Brown Sugar Jelly + Rice Flour Dumpling + Powdered Green Tea Pancake + Whipped Cream + Silver Leaf

Note: This is named after Kaiser’s VA mispronounced/over-hammed “Quintuple Consecutive Attacks” in GX when attacking Mad Dog Inukai with Chimeratech Over Dragon.

シャークさんのマジックコンボ!アクア・ジェット パンケーキ Shark’s Magic Combo! Aqua Jet Pancake (700 Yen)
Thick Pancake + Whipped Cream + Monaka + Shark Cookie + Espuma + Blue Syrup + Cocoa Powder + Margarine + Maple Syrup

新たなドリンク! オーバートップ・クリアマインド! A New Drink! Over Top Clear Mind! (500 Yen)
Ginger Ale + Star Shaped Pineapple + LED Ice Cube

デュエルでみんなに笑顔を…!スマイル・ワールド・ジュース Duels Should Make People Smile…! Smile World Juice (500 Yen)
Blue Syrup + White Grape Soda + Colored Tapioca + Whipped Cream + Printed Monaka
(There are 4 different printed monaka, one will be chosen for your order at random.)
(TL note: the English/katakana word “juice”/”juusu” tends to refer to soft drinks in general.)

現れ出ちゃえ!デストーイ・シザー・ホットミルク! Show Yourself! Frightfur Scissor Hot Milk! (500 Yen)
Hot Milk + White Chocolate Syrup + Strawberry Syrup + Candy on a Stick

リバースカードオープン! クリボーを呼ぶラテ! Reverse Card Open! The Latte of Summoning Kuriboh! (500 Yen)
Cappuccino + Cocoa Powder

カン☆コーンスープ Kan☆Corn Soup (600 Yen)
Corn Potage + Star-Shaped Carrots + Printed Monaka

Note: This is a reference to a well-known SFX in Yugioh anime, written as “kan☆koon” (pronounced like “cone”). The joke here is that the “koon” is also how you write the English word “corn”.

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In the spirit of White Day (which is second Valentine’s Day in Japan, where the guy gives gifts/chocolate to the girl who gave him gifts/chocolate on Valentines Day)

If you spend 1000 Yen from March 13th to March 20th, you receive a random Bromide themed after Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s, Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal or Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V.

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