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[SR07] Rarities and Reprints

Or: Here’s all the Zombie reprints you’ll ever need.

SR07-JP000 Tatsunecro is a Super Rare



Pyramid Turtle is a Common

SR07-JP013 Gozuki is a Common

SR07-JP{018} Shiranui Solitaire is a Common Parallel Rare

SR07-JP{019} Uni-Zombie is a Common Parallel Rare

SR07-JP{025} Call of the Mummy is a Common

SR07-JP027 Book of Life is a Common

SR07-JP029 Foolish Burial is a Common

Return of Zombie is a Common Parallel Rare

SR07-JP041 Red-Eyes Zombie Necro Dragon

Metaverse and Immortal Ruler are both reprinted as Commons




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