[Duel Links] February 2018 Update News

Various updates regarding Duel Links for the next month.

Konami is supply new countermeasures to handling tools that let you cheat by looking at your opponent’s hand and Set Cards.

Communication Error glitches are also planning to be handled.

Mid February after the Chazz-a-thon, Esper Roba will be returning to Duel World, with new prizes. (Which seem to be more Psychic Monsters)

Mid February will also be the time that Bonz and Mokuba Kaiba become regular characters to access and unlock at the Gate. (Bonz providing Zombie support and Mokuba Kaiba more exotic Dragon support).

Soon, Dr. Crowler will return to GX World, for another chance to presumably unlock him and get your hands on new Ancient Gear related cards.

Late February will be the new event, “Duel Island” where you’ll need to defeat Decks from around the world.

And early March, a new character arrives in Duel Links. Specifics are unknown on who it could be, other than it sounds like a character left behind.

Also new patches are intended in February to stop cheat tools and signal issues.

While after Mid-March, you’ll be able to surrender during your opponent’s turn, report players after a Duel, mute your opponent’s taunts, and an icon to tell you if your opponent is trying to reconnect after a disconnect.

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