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The Son of the Revenge of Monster Art Box

Apparently there’s a fairly non-convoluted way of buying the danged thing.

Someone has taken photographs of a “Making of” booklet of the Monster Art Box that was in V Jump:

The cover

An example of the 3rd Book’s reference art for the cards Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, covering every card from Volume 1 to the 20th Anniversary Legend Collection

An example of the Takahashi Art Works

An example of the Official Card Game Works

For those who might want notes of who the artists are, the Painter Rainbow page seems like it might be unlikely such information might be divulged. This may have to do with the fact artists in prior times, namely Akina Fujiwara (the artist of the Charmers from The Lost Millenium), have been harassed by rather creepy obsessive fans, so keep expectations low.

Also more commentary from the official site for the book:


It contains numerous illustrations drawn for “Official Card Game” card artwork.

Illustrations Kazuki Takahashi published online are being recorded officially in print for the first time.

Rough sketches of “Official Card Game” monsters designed by Takahashi-sensei

Portions of the original “Yu-Gi-Oh!” manga are included in manuscript form.

It includes commentary from the production team and the original base artworkof “Official Card Game” illustrations.

It includes large-sized illustrations of especially popular cards (such as the Guardragons)

And an example of the Cart Art Works


For international fans seeking to purchase it, I’d like to know it can be ordered off, which apparently is offering to ship it internationally, from here:

Amazon Product Page for the Monster Art Box

(Be aware that tax plus possible shipping fees might push the book easily to around 200 Dollars or 180 Euros)

(Also you probably need to make a new account on the website)

Why V Jump didn’t make this clear that it could be ordered online rather easily, than go through this fill out a form and go to a book store stuff, is frankly rather baffling. But Oh Well.


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