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[RD/CP01] Forgiving Immortal

Gakuto really likes Yurushimasen don’t he?

RD/CP01-JP003 ゆるしま仙女 Yurushimasennyo (Forgiving Immortal)
Level 6 WIND Fairy Effect Monster
DEF 1800
[Requirement] Change this card from Attack Position to face-up Defense Position.
[Effect] Choose 1 Attack Position monster on your opponent’s field and switch it to face-up Defense Position. The monster changed to face-up Defense Position by this effect loses 600 DEF until the end of this turn.

• The Shima in this card, Forbidding Warrior and Striped Sage all seem to be referencing well, Stripes, but the names do not have a common use of stripes, but it does seem to be a visual joke.
• This is a pun of again “Yurushimasen” (a very polite way of saying “What you’ve done cannot be forgiven”) and Sennyo (A female immortal or sage in Japanese folklore.)



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