10000 Poll Results for Series 5 and partial results for 6

The path on which light shines upon!

Series 5 Final Poll Results are


1st Stardust Dragon

2nd Chaos Goddess

3rd Emergency Teleport

4th Junk Warrior

5th Infernity Launcher


Series 7 Partial Results are also in.


1st Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon

2nd Shooting Star Dragon

3rd Pot of Duality

4th Effect Veiler

5th Red Nova Dragon


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Number 17 of the YGOrg. I'll write articles on various themes that catch my interest and help out in the newsroom as necessary. I always try to post the best builds I can, or at least ones that I enjoy a lot. That being said, I'm an amateur writer and duelist, so I'm always open to constructive criticism. Please do share your thoughts in the comments, and be sure to check all article urls and tags!