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[Duel Links] Alluring Alexis (July 2019)

Alluring Alexis now appears in Duel World (GX) – Duel her to obtain “Cyber Angel Izana”.        

Available until July 26 2019.

  • How to Play
  • Event Information
  • Recommended Rewards
  • Mission List


How to Play

Challenge Alluring Alexis 

For a limited time, an event-exclusive version of Alexis, “Alluring Alexis”, will appear in Duel World.

Duel her to obtain event Rewards.

*Alluring Alexis only appears in Duel World (GX).

Event Information 

Event Missions 

Duel Alluring Alexis to complete Event Missions.

Alluring Alexis

Regarding the appearance rate 

Dueling in Duel Worlds will increase the likeliness of Alluring Alexis appearance. The chances of her appearing will increase each time you Duel until she appears.

*The chance of Alluring Alexis appearing will also be increased by Dueling in Ranked Duels (Surrenders do not count).

Recommended Event Rewards 

“Cyber Angel Izana” [UR]

“Merciful Machine Angel” [SR]

“Cyber Angel Dakini” [SR]

“Machine Angel Absolute Ritual” [SR]

“Shield Spell Type-8” [SR]

“Inferno Hammer” [R]

Mission List

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